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When you are looking to restore a beloved book,
look no further than Stanley Book Repair & Restoration
for book repairs and custom book binding.
From creating
a price estimate to putting the finishing touches on your restored
book, the restoration experts at Stanley Book Repair work
together to repair your books every step of the way.

Whether you have one book or several that need repair, we can cost effectively restore and maintain the life of your book. Unlike other book restoration services, we can usually repair your book within 15 days.

You have put it off long enough. Let us get it done!

Book Binding and Book Repair Services

Our book repair and restoration services include:

Book recovering :: Creating a new flexible (leather) cover or hardcover using genuine leather or book cloth, then binding the text block to the new cover.

Book rebacking :: Repairing broken spines, preparing the original cover with new spine piece, and reattaching the text block (pages).

Book recasing :: Reattaching any loose pages, attaching new end pages to text block, and then binding into the original cover.

Book binding :: Binding new books or text blocks with either hardback or flexible (leather) covers.

Book rebinding :: Reattaching all loose pages into the text block and rebinding to the original cover.

Book imprinting or embossing :: Engraving text into the cover material on the spine and front cover of your book.

Book resewing :: Resewing original sewing that has loosened.

Torn page repair :: Applying an acid-free adhesive or Japanese tissue to repair and disguise tears.

Book waxing :: Refurbishing the original binding using an acid-free micro crystalline wax.

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Book Repair and Restoration Runs in the Family


From creating a price estimate to putting the finishing touches on your restored book, Julia and Matt Larson work together to repair your books every step of the way. For over ten years, Julia has been reviving the lives of books throughout the world, performing "face lifts" on hundreds of books.

Book restoration and repair at Stanley Book Repair and Restoration.

"I wanted to take a moment to write to you and thank you again for the wonderful job you did with my father's service record book. It has become a precious family heirloom and thanks to you, it will last many more years. My father is getting on in years now and he treasures that book very dearly. He was just 21 years old back in 1943 when he enlisted in the Navy and was sent out to the Pacific in the time to participate in the operations at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Later he served in Japan during the occupation and later went on to serve in Korea. He met my mother in Japan and married her a few years later and then my sister Dorothy came along. After he was transferred back here to the States I came along and when I was three years old he retired from active duty. He served a total of twenty years of active duty and ten years in the reserves and later went to work for the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank for the next twenty seven years.

He's eighty-two years old now and his health is ever so gradually failing so you don't know how precious that book is to him. It was not my intention to tell you his life history when I began this note but I just wanted you to know a little bit about the person that you repaired the book for so lovingly and how much it is valued and appreciated.

Thank you once again for the wonderful work that you have done."

   Jim Olson

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