Repair and Restoration Services:

  • Recasing - Do you love the covers on your book right now, but the binding is in need of repair? In many instances we can preserve those covers for you after giving the binding and pages the TLC they need. Starting at $65.00

  • Rebacking - A great economical choice where we replace the "back" (spine) of your book with new, matching material (book cloth or genuine leather) while using the original front and back covers. Starting at $120.00

  • Recover - Customize a whole new cover with a variety of colors in book cloth and leather. From the classic soft cover of a bible or prayer book, to a sturdy hardcover, we love creating a fresh new look. Customization options vary widely from adding ribbons to choosing two-tone color combinations to a classy 3/4 leather binding.
    Starting at $150.00


Specialty Services, Over-Sized Books, Etc.:

  • Wedding or Photo Albums - Some of the most beloved books in a family's history are difficult to open and display if they've fallen apart over time. Repair of the covers, photos, pages and frames is all possible and a worthwhile investment! (full album) Starting at $300

  • Family Bibles - Those large, leather treasures are also often part of a family's history! If yours is falling apart - we can certainly help bring it from old, dusty and hard to handle - to shining, usable and able to show and tell. Starting at $400

  • County Atlas' and Oversized Books - An important part of a State or County's past, mere age and size has caused most Atlas' and their maps to need minimal to extensive rebinding. Starting at $400

  • Paper and Tissue Restoration - Working with some of the strongest material in the book art world, we use a variety of Japanese Kozo Tissues tinted to match the project at hand. Missing corners of pages, torn and browned edges, corners of covers, bookworm or insect damage, and tops and bottoms of spines are some of the common places in need of this type of restoration. Call for Pricing