Hand Crafted Bible Restoration Services

Rebinding and restoring treasured books is a delicate art. They often contain irreplaceable memories.

But even the most carefully preserved family heirloom Bibles, old scrapbooks, albums, and other priceless books that you hope to carry throughout your life can fall apart over the years. And returning them to their original, pristine state is not a task to be entrusted to just anyone.

At Tightly Bound Books, we understand that and are devoted to ensuring that our customers (hopefully you) get the Bible repair service you require in a timely, cost effective, and most importantly, quality manner. We strive for full customer satisfaction with each piece when it comes to helping you to restore your damaged or old books to their original condition.

We know all the successfully proven methods from experience for how to rebind a Bible and will carefully apply them to the one(s) you entrust us to fix.

Restoration of a priceless family bible

Restoration of a priceless family bible

Binding Repair and Recovering

People often wonder where to get their Bible rebound when it ages.

Bible repair and Bible restoration are two of our top services requested, and may appeal to customers interested in converting old delicate family Bibles into useable copies capable of being picked up, handled, or even brought to a Bible study. But we can also restore smaller Bibles that are used on a day to day basis and may be full of notes added through the years.

Our custom Bible rebinding services allow individuals to restore or even customize their personal Bibles. We have extensive experience in repairing pet damage, torn, ripped, or fallen out pages, Japanese tissue mending, resewing, converting a paperback book to hardcover, leather recovering—the list goes on but suffice it to say, no matter the type of Bible binding, we can fix it.


Family Bibles

There is something awe inspiring about a large, old family Bible. They are literal works of art. Old and young alike, even small children, are amazed at the illustrations and detail that was carefully crafted into those old tomes.

We understand the investment and memories they contain and treat each one with the loving care it deserves - restoring it to its original, pristine condition.


Leather Bibles

Regular size, personal Bibles that are used for daily devotions and church meetings also wear down over time, with the binding breaking and pages falling out. You don't have to lose the notes and memories you've stored inside.

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